The Spicy Charcuterie Meat & Cheese Bag


The Damn, Man Spicy Charcuterie Meat & Cheese Bag has eight snacks. We combined distinct flavors of premium protein-rich foods. The set would be incomplete without our gourmet nuts. 

    The Damn, Man Spicy Charcuterie Bag has these eight snacks:

    • 2 Bacon Cheddar Cheeses 4 Oz. Each
    • Summer Sausage Beef 8 Oz.
    • Hot and Spicy Sausage Bites 4 Oz.
    • Damn, Man Salted Cashews 4 Oz.
    • Salted Pistachios in Shells 4 Oz.
    • Deluxe Nut Mix 4 Oz.
    • Cranberry Nut Seed Mix 4 Oz.

    The Damn, Man Spicy Charcuterie Bag has all individually-wrapped gourmet snacks. Our bags of handcrafted nuts are all resealable to savor the texture and flavor. We have carefully hand-selected the premium meats and cheeses.


    订单满 75 美元即可享受免费送货

    订单满 75 美元即可享受免运费,尽情享受美味坚果和肉类的世界。