Sling Bag of Meat


Introducing Damn, Man Premium Meat and Cheese Snack Pack! Packed in a reusable sling bag, this unique gift basket is bursting with flavorful treats, including an assortment of meats and cheese sticks. Inside, you'll find one pound of gourmet snacks, featuring an 8 oz. Beef or Original Summer Sausage and the Smoke Stack with a bourbon and bacon twist, alongside four beef jerky sticks and savory bites. 

With its protein-rich snacks, it's perfect for satisfying hunger and fits well into a keto or low-carb diet. Plus, the Damn, Man branded backpack adds a memorable touch to the gift.


订单满 75 美元即可享受免费送货

订单满 75 美元即可享受免运费,尽情享受美味坚果和肉类的世界。