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Build Your Own Boxes

Frequently Asked Questions

Our nut gift baskets come with a wide range of assorted nuts of different types and flavors. That means if you buy mixed nuts gift boxes, you can choose from any of the following flavors and types of premium nuts:

  • Honey roasted peanuts
  • Delicious tree nuts such as almonds, pecans, cashews, and pistachios
  • Whiskey nut mix
  • Dried fruit and roasted nuts gift box
  • Coconut curry peanuts
  • Salted, roasted nuts
  • Island jerk peanuts
  • Tap Room nut mix
  • Many other custom nut gift box options

Build-your-own boxes give you full control over the kind of assorted nuts gift box that you want to create. You get the option of choosing between two nut snack box packages, namely:

  • BYOB Travel Size: 4-pack
  • BYOB Upgrade: 6-pack

As the name implies, the travel size 4-pack is a nuts gift basket perfect for any occasion but usually used when on the road. If you know someone who loves hiking and you were looking for great nut gifts to buy them, this is it!

You get to choose four different flavors of premium nuts to add to your BYOB 4-pack. These will be delivered to you in a personalized snack pack box, all for the low price of $25.

If you want a bigger helping of delicious almonds, or cashews, try the BYOB Upgrade 6-pack. Here, you get two extra bags of delicious gourmet nuts for your pack for an additional $20.

Shipping is available for all premium nuts, dried fruits, and other products sold on the Damn, Man Snacks website. If your nuts gift basket costs more than $75, ground delivery will be arranged to destinations across the US for free.

However, all nut gifts that cost less than $75 will attract a delivery charge of $10. These shipping prices apply to road deliveries within the US.

The price of your mixed nuts box depends on the quantity and the type of dried fruit and nuts you choose. A Beer and Bourbon Flavored Peanuts 3-Pack, for example, costs just $14.99, while a whiskey nuts and beef box costs $35.00.

You can look out for discounts on certain purchases, such as getting 10% off when you buy two Black Label: Nut Decanters. Another great way to save money is to take advantage of the affordable BYOB gift basket options, although these will come without any extras, such as dried fruit or sweet cheese.

Any gift basket that you buy from Damn, Man cannot be returned due to our non-return policy on food items which also extends to apparel.

If your dried fruit and premium nuts gift basket is damaged, however, you do have the option of asking for a replacement by emailing us at Any refunds on our products are at our discretion and will take about 10 days from the date of approval.

Our BYOB gift baskets do not come with any other items besides the flavored cashews, peanuts, and almonds that you can choose from. If you want other items, such as jerky, cheese, dried fruit, and chocolates, we have many other nut gift baskets that you can buy.

Some of our biggest customers are those looking for a great trail mix to take when they go hiking. Nuts, such as cashews, and sweet almonds are a great source of energy which makes them perfect for such an occasion.

However, you can enjoy a snack of your favorite savory nuts with your friends and family anytime! Add them as a side dish during a birthday or dinner party. The salty flavor also goes great with a few cold beers on game day!