Our Story

An Inspiring Journey of a Sweet (and Savory) Small Business

28 years ago, a dynamic mother-and-son duo, Fran and Neil, embarked on a culinary adventure that would change their lives forever. It all began in their modest kitchen when they founded Sugar Plum Chocolates. Initially dedicated to crafting traditional chocolates, they soon discovered an unmet demand among their customers – a hankering for nuts and snacks with a unique twist.

Listening to their customers' desires, they began infusing creativity into their offerings, introducing innovative nut flavors presented in eye-catching packaging. These delectable nuts quickly became popular as gifts for birthdays and Father's Day, setting the stage for a delicious revelation.

And so, the idea took root - our customers were clamoring for snacks with a bold, manly appeal! With that insight, Fran and Neil decided to launch a new venture, proudly named Damn, Man…Snacks Guys Love. This new chapter in their journey has been nothing short of triumphant, thanks to the unwavering support of patrons like you who champion small businesses.

Through unwavering dedication, ceaseless dreaming, and groundbreaking recipes, they've made it possible for flavorful, wholesome nuts and meat snacks to be savored all across the nation. Whether you're indulging in our sweet-and-savory nut collections showcased in our thoughtfully curated boxes or exploring the option to craft your own unique combination, the entire team at Damn, Man hopes you'll be thrilled by the remarkable variety we offer. Be sure to stay tuned for an ever-expanding array of creative flavors that will keep you coming back for more!