Let’s Heat Things Up, Shall We?

Let’s Heat Things Up, Shall We?

Jul 11, 2023Rachel Pugh

Summer is sizzling by and have you even pulled out your grill?


There are BBQ masterpieces just waiting to occur in your backyard. Just think of all your impressed guests when you whip up something out of the ordinary. Face it, anybody can grill a hot dog, a hamburger, even an ear of corn. But it’s the, “Mmmm…. this tastes great. What’d you put on this?” that you’re looking to hear. And that, my friend, is all in the seasoning.


True culinary masterminds create marinades and add just the right ratio of seasonings to bring out flavors that no one has ever imagined. They fancy your palate and surprise your tastebuds with extraordinary flavors. Sure, this can take years in the kitchen or after culinary school to call yourself a pro, but maybe this summer, you can fake it ‘til you make it.


Start shopping for unique spices and seasonings that you can add to anything…meats, vegetables, even salads, to add a little pizzazz to an otherwise boring same old, same old. And don’t be afraid to experiment. Sometimes a seasoning that you feel is traditionally used for chicken, is the exact flavor your asparagus has needed all along. You won’t know until you start getting outside your seasoning comfort box and taste-testing some experiments. Creating a flavor that no one has ever experienced, but ultimately loves, is a chef’s dream.


And to get even crazier, mix some of those seasonings together to create an explosion of flavor and sprinkle (or slather) it all over some grilling staples such as pork, steak, chicken, potatoes, heck, even brussels sprouts.


To get started, check out Damn, Man’s BBQ Blends and Veggie Lover’s Cooking Spice Kit. Each kit comes with a bunch of different seasonings and a little recipe book to inspire some new creations. The BBQ Blends kit comes with some southern kick including, Sweet Kansas City, Savory Texas, Tangy Memphis and Spicy Carolina, while the Veggie Lover’s Cooking Spice Kit includes 6 packets: Maple Brown Sugar, Sesame Soy, Lemon Rosemary, Mexican Street Corn, Zesty Horseradish, and Coconut Curry.


That’s a whole lot of seasonings to get started. So, pull out that grill, whip up some new recipes with confidence, and spice up your backyard picnics. Time to get fired up.



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