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A humble story of a sweet (and savory) small business.

A mother and son duo, Fran and Neil, started Sugar Plum Chocolates in their small kitchen over 28 years ago. While they originally specialized in traditional chocolates, they soon realized that their customers had a craving for nuts and snacks. By introducing unique nut flavors in creative packaging, more and more nuts were being purchased as gifts for husbands’ birthdays and Father’s Day.

And so the conclusion was formed…our customers want manly snacks! As a result, they launched a new company, Damn, Man…Snacks Guys Love. This new venture has been a success, and it's all thanks to loyal customers like yourself who support small business endeavors.

Due to hard work, consistent dreaming and innovative recipes, flavorful and healthy nuts and meat snacks can now be enjoyed across the nation. Whether it’s a sweet and salty nut collection in one of the boxes, or a desire to build your own, everyone here at Damn, Man hopes you go nuts for the awesome variety. And keep an eye out for more and more creative flavors!