Unique Groomsmen Gifts They'll Actually Use: Ideas That Will Impress

Unique Groomsmen Gifts They'll Actually Use: Ideas That Will Impress

Jul 08, 2022Jessica Biggs

When picking out gifts for groomsmen, it can be tough to come up with something that is unique and will be appreciated. Most guys already have everything they need, so you want to find a unique and memorable gift.

We have put together a list of cool groomsmen gifts they'll use. These gifts will impress your buddies and show them how much you appreciate them!

When it comes to coming up with the perfect gift for your groomsmen, you want something that’s going to be useful on their day-to-day but also something that they can keep and use as a memento from your wedding. 

If you’re struggling to find the right groomsmen gifts and are looking for something other than a standard flask or cigar humidor, we have you covered! 

The following list of unique groomsmen gifts will help you find the perfect token of appreciation for those final men in your life who have stuck by you through thick and thin. These clever ideas are sure to blow away useful tools and thoughtful accessories!


What You Need To Know About Groomsmen Gifts

Choosing the right groomsmen gifts can be tricky, but keeping a few things in mind is important.

First, you want to ensure that the gift is something they will use and appreciate. Finding a gift that fits your budget is essential - you don’t want to break the bank on these guys!

Finally, you want to choose a present that reflects their personality and relationship with you. With all of this in mind, we’re confident that you’ll be able to find the perfect gift for your groomsmen!

Groomsmen Gift Ideas

1. Unique Bottle Opener

This is an excellent gift for the guy who loves to entertain. A unique bottle opener will be a conversation starter at all his parties!

2. Bottle Stopper

This is a great groomsmen gift idea for the guy who loves to entertain. It's also something that he can use regularly.

You can put this and a bottle opener in a groomsmen gift bag with other goodies like cigars, a flask, and cufflinks.

3. Customized Socks

These are always fun gifts! You can find socks with just about any design or pattern imaginable. They'll get a lot of use out of these.

Socks are one of those unique groomsmen gift ideas that they will use but might not think to buy for themselves.

4. Cigar Ashtray

This is a great gift for the cigar lover in your life. He'll appreciate being able to enjoy his cigars without making a mess.

One of the inexpensive groomsmen gift ideas is an ashtray. It's a great way to show appreciation for the cigar lover in your life without spending a lot of money.

Personalized Groomsmen Gifts

5. A Personalized Flask

This is perfect for the groomsman who likes to enjoy a drink. He can keep his favorite beverage close by with this handy flask.

6. Engraved Money Clip

This is a practical gift that can be used every day. It's also something that can be treasured for years to come.


7. Pocket Knife

This is a handy gift that he can use for all sorts of things. It's also something that will last for many years.

8. Golf Club Headcover

This is a great gift for the golfer in your life. He'll love showing off his unique headcover on the course.

9. Engraved Business Card Holder

This is perfect for the groomsman who is always on the go. He can keep his business cards safe and organized with this holder.

10. Keychain

This is a practical gift that he can use every day. It's also something that will remind him of you every time he uses it!

11. Travel Mug

This is a gift they’ll use every day and will never forget how it came to be. It’s a useful accessory that most people don’t think to buy for themselves but will come to depend on quickly.

You can buy travel mugs in various materials, including stainless steel and ceramic, so that you can choose the right one for the recipient.

Make sure to get it engraved with their name or initials, so it stays in their hands!


12. Manly Shaving Kit

A shaving kit may not be the first thing you think of when looking for groomsmen gifts. But if you or any of your groomsmen are into well-groomed facial hair, this is something that will come in handy daily.

You can pair this with a nice shaving bowl and a high-end shaving brush for something a little more elaborate. It’s an affordable, easy-to-use gift that will be appreciated for years.

13. Classy Cordovan Leather Wallet

wallet is a classic gift that can be used for all occasions. The recipient will have a sturdy wallet on hand for years to come, and it will help them keep their everyday essentials organized in style.

Cordovan leather is an expensive, high-quality material that will stand the test of time. It will age well and develop a natural patina as it ages. A high-quality wallet will last for years and years, so you can feel good about gifting this long-lasting item.

14. Out-And-Out Grooming Kit

On the higher end of the price range, the grooming kit is a thoughtful inclusion on any man’s gift list.

You can choose from various kits in different price ranges, but they all have the same idea: to give men a complete grooming experience, with everything they need to get groomed properly.

Grooming kits come with everything from a razor to a nail clipper, so they’re a great gift for the guy who’s always on the go.


15. Classic Watch

watch is a timeless piece that will never go out of style as a traditional groomsmen gift. You can buy a watch for any price range you want, so it’s a great gift for almost any budget.

A good watch will always be in style, and it can be a great heirloom for the recipient to pass down to the next generation. Choose a watch with a design that reflects the personality of the recipient. If you’re unsure what type of watch to get, check out our guides on different watch types and features.


16. Handy Toolkit Or Toolbox

A tool set is a helpful groomsman gift that will be used in the recipient’s everyday life. You can buy a basic set with everything they need to do small repair jobs around the house or a more elaborate set with all the bells and whistles.

Depending on your purchase set, you can gift it with a nice toolbox to keep everything in one place. If you’re struggling to pick a set, check out our guides on different types of tools and how they’re used.

Put these in groomsmen gift bags and some other goodies like snacks and a personal note, and you’ve got a great gift they’ll use!


17. Something You Can Eat Together

Food gifts are a great gift choice for groomsmen. They’re easy to create and don’t take up too much space. You can make any food you want, but we recommend sticking with savory snacks so you don’t have any trouble with shipping.

Either way, your groomsmen will be delighted with a delicious gift they can share with their friends and family. You can make almost any kind of food you want.

A groomsmen gift box is an excellent idea if you’re looking for something unique and practical. You can put snacks like nuts and beef jerky in the box and a few small items like a pocket knife or keychain.

18. Accessories 

If you have a car-loving friend in your group, a car accessory makes a great groomsmen gift. It’s useful daily, and it’s a gift they can keep and use long after your wedding is over.


19. A Gift That Supports His Hobbies Or Fitness Goals

If one of your groomsmen has an interest he’s been trying to pursue, but he’s struggling to find the right tools or resources, you can buy him what he needs to pursue his hobby.

If you have a fitness-minded group, you can buy them a gym membership or a Fitbit to help them stay on track with their goals.


Things To Consider Before You Buy

  • How well do you know the recipient?
  • What is his budget?
  • What is his style?
  • What are his hobbies or interests?
  • What will he actually use?

You may give these gifts on the wedding weekend, bachelor party, or the wedding party. However, sure you don't give them on the wedding day as it might upstage the bride!


Groomsmen's gifts are meant to be unique and special. It’s best to avoid giving your groomsmen gifts that are used daily, such as a wallet or cologne.

Instead, go  with gift ideas that are a little more thoughtful. Groomsmen gifts don’t have to be expensive. You can find great gifts for your groomsmen on a budget.

Whether you choose one of our unique gift ideas or something more traditional, you can be sure your groomsmen will appreciate the gesture.

We hope you found this list helpful in finding the best groomsmen gifts! Thank them for being by your side on your big day with one of these unique and useful gifts. They're sure to appreciate it!

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