The Tale of the Easter Boozy Box

The Tale of the Easter Boozy Box

Apr 03, 2023Rachel Pugh

A-tisket, a-tasket, who’s sick of baskets? Ok, obviously not for the little ones, but are you still trying to find creative gifts to fill your husband’s or boyfriend’s basket? Looking for an Easter gift to bring to your father? Let Damn, Man do the work for you and present him with a gift that will leave him feeling hoppy. Sorry, couldn’t help it. 

He enjoys snacks, chocolate and an occasional stiff drink on the rocks…or maybe neat. Regardless, why not combine all his favorites in one complete box? And not just any box, but a cool leather-looking one that gives it a little “wow” factor. And toffee…does he like toffee? Throw that in the mix too and you’ll be gifting a unique Easter surprise that he just might keep talking about until next year.

Introducing the Easter Boozy Box by Damn, Man. This sweet (and salty) box of treats will be a tasty change of pace with a lot less sugar. And it’s enough to share with others or savor through the spring if he so chooses. Although, this will be a basket that he just might have to hide because every bunny is going to want to sample it. Sorry, did it again…really can’t help it. 

.     .       .     

The Easter Boozy Box Is loaded with 3 bags of nuts that include, the Whiskey Nut Mix, a combination of sweet and smokey almonds, cashews and peanuts made with real whiskey; Stout Beer Almonds, made with real beer and blends flavors of oatmeal, cream, and hops; and Tap Room Mix that combines roasted peanuts, sesame sticks, wasabi peas, toffee peanuts, and spicy cashews. But it’s Easter, you say. Enter, the chocolate bunny…only tipsier. 

The Whiskey-Flavored Dark Chocolate Toffee Bunny stumbles its way into the Damn, Man Easter Boozy Box and brings with it, 8 oz. of solid dark chocolate, infused with all-natural whiskey, and toffee bits, and is sure to bring a smile to the recipient’s face from ear to ear. Get it? Kind of funny? Just a hare? I’ll stop.

Hop on over to DMSNACKS.COM and order your Easter Boozy Box while seasonal supplies last. Quick like a rabbit, because this special Easter Box is going fast. 

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