Beer & Bourbon Flavored Peanuts - 3 Pack


Damn Man Snacks has a sampler that doesn't contain alcohol. Our Beer and Bourbon Flavored Peanuts come in 3 Packs in 4 varieties. We use hand-crafted recipes that are savory and unique. Get this Beer & Bourbon Flavored Peanuts for game night!

Liquor Nuts are inspired by the spirits, Irish Stout, Rum, and Whiskey. The addicting snacks taste like real booze but don't contain alcohol. For those who want more of a punch, try our Beer & Bourbon Red Gift Tin

The three roasted nuts come in 3 oz. bags in these options: 

  • 3 Pack Mixed Assortment 
  • 3 Pack Irish Stout Peanuts
  • 3 Pack Rum Flavored 
  • 3 Pack Whiskey Peanuts

Please Note: This product does not contain alcohol and is made with natural flavoring.

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