Deluxe Manly Nut & Beef Box


Unleash your inner carnivore with our Manly Nut and Beef Snack Box, a rugged assortment of hearty snacks that's tailored for the modern man with an appetite for bold flavors and satisfying crunch. Whether you're conquering the wilderness or simply tackling a busy day at the office, this snack box is your trusty companion, ready to fuel your adventurous spirit and hunger for life.

Inside this robust package, you'll discover a carefully curated selection of nutty delights and savory beef sticks, combining the best of both worlds.

Each box includes:

1 Bag of Pistachios, 4 oz.

1 Bag of Salted Cashews, 4 oz.

1 Bag of Honey Sea Salt Almonds, 4 oz.

2 Original Beef Sticks, 1 oz.

2 Spicy Beef Sticks, 1 oz.

2 Pepper Beef Sticks, 1 oz.

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