Sling Bag of Meat


Damn, Man Premium Meat and Cheese Snack Pack comes in a reusable Sling Bag. The unique beef jerky gift basket is unique and full of flavorful foods! In addition to the backpack, there are seven snacks in this set.

The one pound of protein-rich meats include:

  • 1 Beef or Original Summer Sausage 8 Oz.
  • 1 Bourbon & Bacon Flavored Sausage & Bacon Cheese Smoke Stacks 2.5 Oz.
  • 1 Bag of Beef Bites 3.5 Oz.
  • 4 Beef Jerky Snack Sticks 0.5 Oz. Each

*The primary image in the photo shows four original flavored snack sticks in red packaging. This new Damn, Man Meat and Cheese Snack Pack contain beef in a blue wrapping. Pair these protein-fueled foods with an 8 oz. summer sausage and a bag of bites.*

Finally, the Smoke Stack has two cheese and meat sticks with bourbon and bacon flavors. The unique gift basket is for any foodie who loves beef! Give the backpack of snacks as a Christmas present or for any other special day.

The Damn, Man Meat and Cheese Snack Pack sling bag is stylish and can be used to stash other stuff. Take the sack to the gym, beach, work, or travel, and place whatever items you need to take on the go. The seven beef and sausage snacks will satisfy hunger and have delicious flavors full of protein.

Our Meat and Cheese Gift Set is also great for those on a keto or low-carb diet. The bag includes 1 lb of beef and the Damn, Man branded backpack to make the present memorable.

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