Thanksgiving Afternoon Snacks - Get Nuts on Turkey Day

Thanksgiving Afternoon Snacks - Get Nuts on Turkey Day

Nov 03, 2022Rachel Pugh

Turkey, stuffing, pie…you can count on the staples this Thanksgiving and would be disappointed if they didn’t adorn the dining room table. But pre-feasting festivities and post-dinner football snacking could be spiced up a little this holiday with something other than pumpkin roll, such as some Damn, Man nuts, available in a variety of unique flavors.

Searching for Thanksgiving snacks ideas may seem daunting initially when you’re only thinking of the heavy dishes that stuff your gut and nearly pop your pants button. But when you’re reaching for something salty during the game, you don’t want to be left empty-handed. So be the hero and bring a healthy, yet super satisfying snack to the glutinous get together.

The after-Thanksgiving snack should be something easy that no one must heat up, butter, or dish out, avoiding added exhaustion to the already pooped out party people. Ready to lounge after the final bird carvings are packed up and prepared for everyone’s later commute, the last thing all the prep workers want to do is more post party planning. So wouldn’t it be great if a guest or two came ready to deliver Thanksgiving snacks that no one must actually make? Enter unsung hero, aka you.

Packing six 4 oz bags of nuts in flavors such as Honey Seat Salt Almonds, Taproom Mix, Thai Chili Peanuts, Salted Cashews, Coconut Curry Peanuts and Mexican Cocoa Peanuts in the Damn, Manly Nut Box, you’ll look like the Thanksgiving champ as you and your companions pass around the sweet and salty samplers on that Thursday afternoon. Build Your Own Damn Box before the scheduled event and select 4 flavors from the 13 available that include Memphis BBQ Almonds, Island Jerk Peanuts, Stout Beer Almonds, and a Whiskey Nut Mix, just to name a few.

So come prepared to snack and save your hosts some hassle this upcoming Thanksgiving. With a box of nuts in tow, you’ll be sure to receive the obligatory nod and a “damn, man…thanks.” And that’s a little gratitude to be thankful for.

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