6 Nuts and Snacks You Should be Giving (and Eating) This Holiday

6 Nuts and Snacks You Should be Giving (and Eating) This Holiday

Nov 04, 2022Rachel Pugh

This Damn, Man “let’s not wait to the last minute” gift guide will help you stay ahead of the holiday madness. Let’s face it. Some people like to give gifts and some people just like to receive them. Well here’s some gift- giving suggestions that can have you enjoying both. A little trick, bring one of these to your next holiday soiree, and your hosts will be so delighted that they’ll crack into them right then and there. Boom. You get to devour some Damn, Man Snacks while still looking like an awesome gift-giver. Here’s 5 nuts and snacks you could be gifting while enjoying them this holiday season.

1. The Black Label Decanter of Nuts

Due to its swanky glass decanter packaging, this gift is ideal if you are looking to impress your sophisticated friends…or at least the ones who think they are. Available in both Signature Salted Cashews and Almonds and Whiskey-flavored Old-Fashioned nuts, Damn, Man’s Black Label Nut Decanters add a little fanciness to your holiday frolicking.

Price is $50, but for a limited time, receive $10 off your purchase of 2 or more with code, BLKLABEL

Order here.

2. Build Your own 4-Pack Box

Indecisive much? Sometimes it’s challenging to pick out just the right thing. But also, too many choices can be overwhelming. Damn, Man simplifies it for you by providing 13 nut choices to build your own 4-pack box. With more traditional choices likes Honey Sea Salt Almonds and Salted Cashews, but also more unique flavors like Whiskey Nut Mix, Memphis BBQ Almonds, and Island Jerk Peanuts, and even bar classics like Tap Room Nut Mix and Stout Beer Almonds, there really is something for everyone…except people with nut allergies. There’s nothing for them in this box. Don’t get people with nut allergies nuts.

Pick and pack your BYOB for just $20 here.


3. Nuts & Exotic Meats Box

Let’s face it, we all have a little wild side…maybe a retired wild side or perhaps currently in the throes of it. Wherever you and your friends are on your journey, live it up a little with the Damn, Man Nuts & Exotic Meats Box. This bad boy has 2 big bags of flavored nuts, including Memphis BBQ Almonds and Texas BBQ Peanuts as well as a whole lot of exotic meats, including Wild Boar Summer Sausage, Pork and Antelope Stick, Pork and Alligator Stick and 2 pieces of Mild Beef Sticks. If you weren’t born to be wild, now’s your chance to sow your wild oats.

Available for $49.95 right here.

4. BBQ Blends 4 Pack

Let’s spice up his life in the kitchen a little with some of his favorite flavors including Tangy Memphis, Sweet Kansas City, Spicy Carolina, and Savory Texas. The Damn, Man BBQ Blends 4-Pack includes all 4 seasonings and even a little BBQ Seasonings Blend Kit Recipes book in case he’s looking for some new ideas for a few culinary concoctions. Tis the season to give some seasonings and hope that you get to taste test his new flavorful dishes.

Get this 4-pack for $35 here.

5. Manly Nut Box

Dude, buy your buddy a damn big box of nuts. The Manly Nut Box includes 6 bags of nuts, including Taproom Nut Mix, Salted Cashews, Honey Seat Salt Almonds, Coconut Curry Peanuts, Mexican Cocoa Peanuts and Thai Chili Peanuts. This is the perfect variety sampler for him to figure out what fancies his tastebuds. And its packaging is a box that looks like a wood crate…which just looks cool to receive.

Order a Manly Nut Box for just $45 right here.

6. Sling Bag of Meat

Meat with a side of meat and a little extra meat. If you have friends who love to chomp into a meat stick for a snack, this is your bag, baby. This sling bag is loaded with summer sausage, Smokestack Bourbon & Bacon, Beef Snack Sticks and a Bag of Beef Snack Bites. And if that’s just not enough protein, you can increase the number of meat items by adding even more of all the above. Plus, it comes in this sling bag that your buddy can always fill up with more meat for the next commute.

Grab one here for $39.95.

They say the gift counts, so count on a good one with any of the Damn, Man gift choices this holiday season. There’s free delivery on orders over $75 which is a bonus to buying top-quality nuts and snacks in impressive packaging. So no excuse to wait to the last minute this year. This guide can help you make easy choices that he’ll be sure to enjoy.

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