5 Reasons You Should Gift Him Snacks This Holiday

5 Reasons You Should Gift Him Snacks This Holiday

Dec 02, 2022Rachel Pugh

The shopping lists, the crowds, the wrapping…the holiday hoopla can be a fun rush for some, but for others, the countdown can feel a little overwhelming and a whole lot time sensitive with such a short window to pick out the perfect gift. You bought him the woolpaca sweater last year and the matching buffalo plaid flannel and beanie the year before. Does he need another tool for this workshop? But which brand of tools does he use? Maybe pants? What’s his pant size again? Does he like to cook? The questions are endless, and the days keep ticking by. Maybe it's time for a gift card. Or maybe, just maybe, it’s time to get him a gift that he’ll actually enjoy and might even share with others to celebrate the season of giving. Here are the top 5 reasons you should buy him snacks this holiday.

1. A healthy gift shows him you care

For the health-conscious guy, giving him a gift that has health benefits for his heart, added protein, and serves as a good source of fiber, shows him that you’re paying attention to his healthy lifestyle. With all the tempting goodies around, you can help him stay on track by giving him a handful of almonds to reach for versus a bowlful of unwanted calories. Plus, if he is following the keto diet, nuts can help him stay on goal while still devouring something he enjoys. You can make the perfect choices by building him a box of the keto-friendly nuts with Damn, Man’s Build Your Own Box.

2. A long life shelf means he can enjoy for months ahead

Fruit baskets are nice, and no doubt healthy, but fruit perishes and perishes fast. And so, the great gift idea you’ve been planning to gift, is now, well, expired. So why not get him a gift that he doesn’t have to eat at rapid speed within a week. Nuts can last for more than half a year so a gift of nuts is the gift that keeps giving for months ahead, if he doesn’t overindulge, of course, which can be difficult to do when they’re delicious. And if you gift him some meat sticks to compliment the nuts, he can keep these too for longer than a week or two. Consider the Damn, Man Wise Guy Box that will give him both snacks he can enjoy for months. 

3. For his next outdoor adventure

If he loves the outdoors, then he loves healthy snacks to throw in his backpack. He needs fuel for his climbs and protein to get him through the wilderness. A box  of nuts in a variety of different flavors will give him some options when he hits the trails. And not only will it provide him the nutrition he requires, but it can give him a snack that actually tastes good too. And that’s a win-win for the adventurous guy who still wants to enjoy his food options. Plus, for an extra punch of protein, a few beef sticks thrown in his snack box, will be a great added treat. Gift him a Damn, Man Nuts & Beef Box so he’s ready for his next hike. 

4. Ideal for Travel Plans

If jet setting is a way of life for him, giving him a gift that he can grab on the go is a thoughtful present he can throw in his suitcase for this next big trip. Since layovers seem inevitable, having a handy snack is a lifesaver. And having a healthy one that can provide some energy will help forge through those crowded lines and long waits while boarding. 

Gifting him the Manly Nut Box gives him six 4 oz. bags of hand-crafted nuts to choose from and make it the perfect size for carry-ons or packed luggage. 

5. Enough to share with others

Since most nuts don’t come in singles, they can be the perfect snack to share with others. Perfect to present at parties, cookouts, tailgating events or just a casual night of cards, a bowl of nuts is just asking to be shared.  They don’t go stale fast like chips or pretzels so keeping them displayed for friends to pick at all night, is ideal for those all-nighters. And if presentation counts, gift them in some fancy packaging where he can just pour some handfuls throughout the night. Check out Damn Man’s Black Label Nut Decanters in both Signature and Old Fashioned nut flavors. 

So, try something different this year, and give him a gift of snacks he’ll enjoy solo or with friends, plus will provide good nutritional value. And oh yeah, he’ll think they’re delicious too, making you the best gift-giver this holiday season. 

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