Make Him Go Nuts For You This Valentine’s Day

Make Him Go Nuts For You This Valentine’s Day

Jan 23, 2023Rachel Pugh

Another Valentine’s Day and you’re racking your brain for the perfect Valentine’s gift for the man in your life. He comes through every year with delicious chocolates and the most beautiful flowers for you. And remember that necklace he got you? Perfect gift items every single year. And you’ve had your fair share of thoughtful gifts…that watch he was eyeing, that single malt scotch, that grill set that made him the envy of the summer picnics. You’ve nailed it year after year. And you’re super proud of it.

Fast forward to 2023. You are completely out of ideas and searching various shopping sites to try to find something different, something special, something he’ll really love. You don’t want to repeat anything from prior years, and you certainly don’t want to buy a gift just to buy a gift. You want him to know you put thought into it and searched for something unique.

Enter Damn, Man…snacks guys love.

Damn, Man snacks offer a wide variety of tasty nuts and beef in both classic and unique flavors. If he’s a creature of habit, you can find the snacking staples, including salted cashews and mild beef sticks. But if he’s always willing to try something new, then perhaps Island Jerk Peanuts, Mexican Cocoa Peanuts, Stout Beer Almonds, and exotic meats such as Pork & Alligator Sticks and Wild Boar Summer Sausage might be the perfect gift to surprise him with this holiday.

With 4 uniquely designed boxes, a sling bag of various meat products, nut tins, glass whiskey decanters filled with nuts, and even an option to build your own box, Damn, Man can provide that different gift you were looking for…the one that you know he’ll really love. Plus, all the products come in great-looking packaging, making all the gifts even more special.

To get started, check out all the Damn, Man gift items you can choose from this Valentine’s Day.

Black Label Nut Decanters in Signature and Old Fashioned: $50


The Manly Nut Box with six 4 oz bags of nuts: $45

The Nuts & Beef Box with 3 types of seasoned beef sticks and 2 bags of nuts including Whisky & Taproom mixes: $35


The Wise Guy Box complete with a mix of roasted salted almonds, salted cashews, and grass-fed meat sticks: $59.50


The Nuts & Exotic Meats Box with 4 different types of exotic meats and 2 bags of nuts including Memphis & Texas BBQ flavors: $49.95

Sling Bag of Meat available in 3 sizes, Big, Bigger and Biggest and packed with Summer Sausage, a Smoke Stack Bourbon and Bacon, Beef Sticks and Beef Bites: $34.95; $39.95, or $54.95

Build Your Own Box allows you to choose 4 bags of your liking. Choose from 12 varieties: $25


Beer & Bourbon Liquor Nuts Gift Tin features three booze infused flavors, including Irish stout-infused cashews, Jamaican lager-infused peanuts, and Kentucky bourbon-infused almonds: $34.99

Beer & Bourbon Liquor Peanut Tin is available in Jamaican Lager Peanuts, Irish Stout Peanuts and Kentucky Bourbon Peanuts, all-naturally flavored peanuts that round out this three-nut sampler: $24

So, stop worrying yourself and go for another successful gift-giving Valentine’s Day. With so many options from Damn, Man, the only stressor you’ll have is deciding which one.

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