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Let’s Get Nut this St. Patrick’s Day - Boozy Edition

Mar 13, 2023Rachel Pugh

st patty's party

The luck of the Irish is upon us and we’re gearing up with St. Patrick’s Day parades, green everything, and of course, gatherings with friends. Whether Shamrock Shakes and green beer are your thing or not, there are plenty of ways to celebrate March 17th. And if you’re hosting a get-together with folks feeling festive, you’ll want to be prepared with plenty of easy snacks to keep stomachs lined with substance. Struggling to decide what snacks to get for your St. Patrick’s Day activities? Well, you’re in luck! We have the best St. Patrick’s Day appetizers ready to go for you.

Nuts & Beef Box

Damn, Man offers premium bags of nuts and meat sticks that will satisfy cravings and actually taste good. And…they complement some adult beverages too. Damn Man’s Nuts & Beef Box pairs up just the right nut flavors, including Whiskey Nut Mix and Taproom Mix with 3 flavors of beef sticks, including Spicy, Mild and Black Pepper. The Whiskey Nut Mix is a blend of sweet and smokey almonds, cashews and peanuts and is cooked in real bourbon, while the Taproom Mix offers a crunchy nut blend, complete with spicy wasabi peas.
Beer & Bourbon Liquor Nuts Gift Tin
Beer & Bourbon anyone? Damn, Man’s Beer & Bourbon Liquor Nuts Gift Tin practically screams St. Patrick’s Day shenanigans. This tin comes with a 16 oz. assortment that includes 3 bags of nuts: Irish Stout Cashews, Jamaican Lager Peanuts, and Kentucky Bourbon Almonds. Cheers, cheers, cheers. What better way to snack on St. Patty’s Day than with booze-infused nuts?
Irish Stout- Beer and Bourbon Flavored PeanutsRum- Beer and Bourbon Flavored PeanutsWhiskey- Beer and Bourbon Flavored Peanuts
Or how about some interesting boozy-flavored peanuts in a 3 nut-sampler? Damn, Man’s Beer & Bourbon Flavored Peanuts 3-Pack. Kettle-cooked peanuts in Irish Stout, Rum and Whiskey flavors will have you swearing you’re drinking the real thing. And you probably are…in addition to munching on these flavorful nuts.
rish guy whiskeyWhiskey Decanter

Trying to class it up a bit? You’re in luck with the Damn, Man Black Label Nut Decanter, Whiskey Old-Fashioned Flavor. This elegant glass decanter that can be used later for your bar cart after you devour the nuts, is slammed with nuts that taste like the cocktail classic, an Old-Fashioned. That means there are hints of orange and cherries in this whiskey nut blend. Pinkies up, partiers.
Build your own box 4 packBuild your own box 6 pack
Or if you’re craving for snacks that you can hand pick for the party, check out Damn, Man’s Build Your Own Box, now with a 4-pack or 6-pack option. With a wide selection of signature nuts and spicy southern flavors, you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you can stock up an entire box of Stout Beer Almonds, Tap Room Nut Mix, and Whiskey Nut Mix.

So, bring out the green and toast to your favorite bag pipe tunes. But don’t instigate a party foul by not having the proper snacks for your Irish jig gig. Order your boozy-flavored nuts on DMSNACKS.COM today and be ready to celebrate the Irish this St. Patrick’s Day. Slainte!

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