Bar Cart Snacks


Bar Cart Snacks offers a nostalgic collection of salty snacks in a creative vintage case. Crafted for the discerning palate, each tin is packed with a delectable assortment of snacks, perfect for pairing with your favorite beverages. From classic salted pistachios and cashews to cinnamon flavored almonds and savory trail mix, Bar Cart Snacks offers a tantalizing variety that will satisfy every craving. Get him this Man’s gift snack pack for game night, barbecue parties, tailgate parties or as a manly birthday gift.

12 Mixed Nut Snacks, 2 oz. ea:

  • The Pawnderer - Cinnamon Butter Almonds 

  • Home Plate -  Bourbon Crunch Blend

  • 19th Hole - Harvest Zest Sticks 

  • Hail Mary - Honey Roasted Almonds 

  • Spare Me - Stout Beer Almonds 

  • The Skier - Trailmaster Mix 

  • Pass The Snacks - Sweet and Smoky Blend 

  • What's The Deal - Salted Cashews 

  • Gone Fishin' - Corn Crunchies 

  • Fast & Famished - Salted California Pistachios 

  • White Horse Darts - Tap Room Mix 

  • All The Racket - Grand Slam Mix 



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