Nuts & Exotic Meats Box


Adventurous snackers go wild for the Damn Man Nuts & Exotic Meats Box. A custom collection has been handpicked for your carnal instincts.

Wild boar summer sausage has a sweet and tangy taste. The flavors are also succulent, rich, and nutty from the well-ironed carnivore.

The Nuts & Exotic Meats Box also features two beef sticks that we sourced. Antelope and Alligator are both blended with pork. These wild snacks have mild venison and quail-like flavors.

We also add five varieties of meat sticks and two 4 oz. bags of our kettle-cooked nuts. The Damn Man recipes are hand-crafted with BBQ seasonings. Regional barbecue fits the Nuts & Exotic Meats box well.

Our roasted Memphis Almonds have a hickory, sweet, smoky, and tangy taste. We also added our Texas BBQ Peanuts to the mix. Savor barbecue flavors of the South with exotic meats.

Included in the collection are the following:

  • Wild Boar Summer Sausage
  • 2 Mild Beef Sticks
  • Antelope and Pork Stick
  • Alligator and Pork Stick
  • Memphis BBQ Almonds
  • Texas BBQ Peanuts

Each Nut & Exotic Meats Box includes five varieties of meat sticks and two 4oz bags of our hand-crafted, kettle-cooked nuts for your snacking pleasure, with one bag of each variety included in every sampler.

    Please note that the meats included in our Nuts & Meat Box are not Kosher certified.

     *Due to low distribution supply, we may substitute some meat products.*

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