Deluxe Delicatessen Box


The Deluxe Delicatessen Box is a symphony of flavors and textures, carefully selected to create a delectable journey for your palate. Whether you're hosting a sophisticated soirée, sharing a charcuterie board with friends, or simply seeking a moment of epicurean bliss, this collection will elevate your snacking experience.

Each Deluxe Delicatessen Box includes: 

  • 1 Bag of Cranberry Nut Mix, 4 oz.
  • 1 Bag of Salted Cashews, 4 oz
  • Bacon Cheddar cheese, 4 oz. 
  • Bruschetta Jack Cheese 4 oz. 
  • White Cheddar Cheese, 4 oz. 
  • Summer Sausage 8 Oz.
  • 2 Black Pepper Beef Sticks 1 Oz. Each
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